Friday, May 2, 2008

It's all in the connections

Chris Lehman, principal of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, recently wrote a post about the strength of a school system. He claims the strength lies in the schools that make up that system. My comment is reposted here:

The strength of a school lies in the networks that are created by its students. Facilitating network formation for students is in an educators' job description.

Traditionally, a student's network consisted of teachers. The newer paradigm redefines students' networks to include those who are not present in the same time and space.

Connecting, communicating, and collaborating (I tend to repeat myself a lot) with a global community is an essential skill for today's learners. The ability to reflect, to think, and to compose essay (pictorial, oral, or written) creatively is a skill with which I feel I must equip learners who pass through my classrooms.
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