Sunday, May 18, 2008

Be Flexible

Someone in my RSS wrote about this concept and I can't find it now. Figures, this time of year is so busy. If it was you, please point me to your words, I would love to reread them.
What if sophmores, juniors and seniors could choose their courses for part of their day? What if they were told to choose one or two courses of interest to them, ask teachers to mentor them, and group themselves by interest? What if they actually received credit for their performances in these courses?
What do we suppose would happen? I think we all do that right now. Think about the skills you have. Are they the same as another who is your age? Probably not. Do you have the same skills I do? No, you're probably better at everything. The point is, we congregate around our interests. We devote time to learning those things which interest us. Those in high school are no different.
Many high schools have activity periods for interest groups. But participants receive no credit. Students, teachers, and parents tell students, both in attitude and words, to put more effort into course grades which go on their transcripts. What if educators turned that around? What if we shortened those block schedules to fit in another class period or two and allowed the main stakeholders to call the shots?
What if?

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