Saturday, April 26, 2008

Give me that, it's mine!

So many are concerned about holding onto their wealth. They seek to lock down, protect, & moderate their content either online or offline. Such owners want fences, boundaries, & recognition.
One is what one shares, not what one owns. The act of giving wealth away is liberating. The present culture in which I live seems very concerned with this wealth orientation.
I find I feel more wealthy with more I give away. I refer not only to land or money but also to intellectual content. I seek collaboration not boundaries.
I do see value in teaching middle school and high school learners to properly reference other's content.
Creative Commons offers excellent licensing choices. Copyrighting however begs attribution. What if the creator does not want attribution?
My generation seems (blaring generalisation here!) to seek recognition. Those referred to as digital natives seem not to be so concerned with this issue.
Where do you stand?
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