Thursday, March 27, 2008

The measure of a man

Has always been intelligence, which has been measured by traditional schema of IQ, GPA, SAT, ACT, degrees, diplomas, & titles.

Futurist Andrew Zolli in a talk entitled Redefining Intelligence delivered in July 2007 at NECC delineated three trends shaping education today:

1. Changing demographics
2. Managing choice
3. Redefining intelligence

Educating today's learners to deal with these trends in their futures will ensure their success. Futuristic literature is replete with warnings that many fear economic upheaval, their abilitiy to deal with information overload, and the ever changing ways intelligence, or lack of it, is measured.
The attitudes we hold and tools we use, empathy, RSS, boolean search tools, prioritizing, time management, will become increasingly important just not for success but for survival.
Not convinced? Watch Two Million Minutes Trailer ,to which Dr. Glogowski brought my attention.
Our you thinking about this future? Are you preparing today's learners for their futures?
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