Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hierarchy of web2.0?

The intersection of the hierarchy of needs and the use of web2.0 tools is an interesting one. We cannot pull people into the echo chamber (to quote Chris Lehman) if people's needs are not met. The major stumbling blocks may be at the safety and security needs level as well as at the belonging needs level.
How can those of us higher on the hierarchy make our web2.0 environment safer for newbies? How can we welcome newbies and satisfy belonging needs?
These are the big challenges this year, it seems to be just where we all are stuck. Emphasizing online safety with colleagues, parents, & younger learners is a way to meet safety needs. Welcoming others into applications like twitter, Voicethread, chatrooms, as well as one's I didn't mention, are ways to meet belonging needs.
Finding applications that are useful to each faculty person in their situation, differentiating for all learners, meets belonging needs. Are we doing good enough?
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