Thursday, March 6, 2008

8th graders speak out

Listen to 8th graders talking together about an authentic project at Teachers Teaching Teachers. These students were at home, in the evening, on their own equipment, with no one there to tell them how to join the live conversation. Yet, they did just that. Two things quickly come to my mind.

  1. This is a powerful, authentic project that was so important to 8th graders that they each found a way to join in the live webcast.
  2. If 8th graders can do it, what is our excuse?
These k12 learners express several ideas for implementation now. I would vote their government into power here in the USA. Listen and see if you agree.
Anyone who has ever been involved in a live webcast will know that one needs a bit of digital literacy. Kudos to their teachers who are obviously preparing them for their lives with 21st century skills.
A quick perusal of the chat logs reveal that students were not only talking on the show but were interacting at the same time in the chat room. This is called backchanneling and many adults find this difficult.
Please take some time to listen and check out the Many Voices for Dafur Blog and the Many Voices for Dafur Wiki. Then share this info with your students even if it is next week. This situation is that important. What are you doing about it?
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Anonymous said...

I think it is incredibly important to get students prepared for a life that is intertwined with technology. Too many times educators, fearful of new technology, gloss over the opportunities that are out there for students. Kudos to the teachers who bring this into the classrooms for students to learn and grow along side.

~Betsy M. Wicker