Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coercive Schooling

While listening to the Driving Questions episode on NCLB, I agreed with so much that was said. NCLB is punitive, it is draconian, it does need to be thrown out. Our culture values testing to the exclusion of creativity.
We so need to scrap present school paradigms and start from the ground up. We do need to replace our present system so we can effectively educate successful citizens for the 21st century. We do not need test improvement held over our heads.
A viable economy for the USA in the 21st century and beyond depends on how we will deal with this issue. We have a responsibility to equip k12 learners with the skills they will need to deal with an environment containing things that have not yet been invented. We need to equip learners with the ability to learn throughout their lifetimes without us. I do not see those employed in k12 now being able to do that if NCLB remains in place.
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Lisa Parisi said...

First, we need to elect representatives who agree with us..get rid of NCLB. Then we need to make sure these reps use educators from best practices schools to redesign programs. We've got a long way to go but, one by one, we can get there.