Monday, January 21, 2008

Write a first-rate blog post!

The following are some traits of successful blog posts (written for fellow learners at my school):

1. The posts (or comments) are well written. This includes not only good content, but standard English conventions including capitalisation, organisation, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
2. The posts (or comments) are responsive. They respond to other people’s ideas – whether it is a post by a teacher, a comment by a student, or an idea elsewhere on the Internet. The power of blogs is in connections – they are connected to a larger community of ideas. Participate in that community.
3. The posts (or comments) include textual references to support opinions. Adding quotes or links to other works strengthens your post.
4. To be part of the dialogue, part of the conversation, you have to participate fully, consistently and often.
5. Your posts (or comments) are respectful of others. It’s okay to disagree; it’s not okay to be disagreeable. Be respectful of others and their opinions, and be civil when you disagree.
6. Your posts include at least 3 technorati tags.
7. Your posts speak to visual literacy by carefully choosing an image to include. The image should refer to what is written.
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NJTechTeacher said...

I like the ideas you include in your list. I started working with my seventh and eighth graders last week. I'm especially drawn to numbers two through five. We're going to be talking about leaving appropriate comments tomorrow. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing these in terms my kids can understand.

Allanah K

Carla Arena said...

Dear Durff,

Very straightforward and effective tips for writing posts!

I'll share that with my bloggers-to-be crowd at the blogging4educators online session.

Thanks Durff for sharing with us.


Carla Arena said...

Dear Durff,

Thanks for this post. Very informative and straightforward.

I'm sure the bloggers-to-be crowd from the blogging4educators online session.

You inspire me with your frequent bits of great ideas.

Carla A.

Teaching Sagittarian said...

I can't believed I missed this excellent post of yours Durff. I will certainly be using some of your list with my Grade 5 bloggers.