Saturday, January 12, 2008

Touch the Future

I wrote a post in November about sound which included an interview on Radio Lab. In the interview sound is referred to as touch at a distance.
I tie that concept into MI Theory. Recently I have been wondering if sound is touch at a distance, is light luminous touch? In delineating multiple intelligences was Howard Gardner really tracing all intelligence back to our basic sense of touch (without realising it of course).
When I read over the intelligences:
* Linguistic Intelligence
* Musical Intelligence
* Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
* Spatial Intelligence
* Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
* Interpersonal Intelligence
* Intrapersonal Intelligence
* Naturalist Intelligence
I can connect each one with touch. I'm sure you can too.
Therefore if each intelligence is a way to touch, then teaching others to exploit the intelligences is touching the future.
Karl Fisch said we prepare young learners for a future we cannot envision. We can touch this future however.
We touch the future by touching our young learners now. We can touch them through light and sound by using videos (not your grandmother's filmstrips - more like Teachertube), musical creations, webquests, dance, & machinima. We have such an important job to do, such a heavy responsibility, an exciting & liberating opportunity. Are you using laminated lesson plans as my principal says or are you integrating technology into everything you can at a dizzying rate?
Whose future did you touch today?
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