Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The assassination of Bhutto came as a complete surprise to me. I heard of it on Friday even though it occurred on Thursday. I was so dumbfounded that many fellow-twitters can attest to my reaction.
Many wondered why I was so concerned. Why should a death of one woman halfway around the globe cause me any concern? Remember the shot that rang through history? Perhaps this article would explain it better.
The Pakistani government has changed their explanation of Bhutto's death and the elections have been postponed.
As events continue to unfold in the mideast, we each have cause for concern. We all personally know people serving in the military who are stationed in the mideast, in harm's way. If those nuclear arms fall into the wrong hands, we all are directly in harm's way.
In 50 years, how will we remember her death? Will her death have gloabl repercussions?
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Gabriela Sellart said...

Lisa, I also think that what happens far away from home should be a cause of concern. However, I don't think the problem with nuclear weapons is that they may fall into the wrong hands. Whose hands are the right ones?