Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grounded Online Learning

Rick Biche made a list for good technology integration in classrooms. After one has implemented as many of those items as one can, there are several kinds of software that could be integrated.
The Will Richardson phrase "Wikis, Blogs & Podcasts, Oh My!" is familiar to many. It is often easier to start with a class blog and collaborate with other global bloggers before including other applications. A videoconference builds excitement for collaboration on wikipages. I've taught middle schoolers to incorporate tags with eye to researching topics by keywords (much like a library is catalogued). They also have RSS aggregators so information, like my homework (grin), is delivered to them daily.
We are just beginning creating podcasts in middle school, although the primary grades have been doing this. Spanish learners listen to an award winning podcast for homework every week (CoffeeBreak Spanish)
All of these ideas, the technology integration list, the web applications, the audio/video components, are hallmarks of a classroom where everyone is a learner. In such a classroom everyone is optimally focused on a creative task.
[At least I don't have a howling cat in the house]
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Moturoa said...

A blog is a great interactive way to link to all the other web apps we might use in the classroom.

I have yet to try a video conference but want to get into it in the this year as our bandwidth has been increased quizzillionfold!

Allanah K

Scott S. Floyd said...

Sadly enough, that is my office. I am always getting DimDim invites from my Chief of Technology...6 feet away. Hey, you gotta use it to teach it, right? Can I get a little support here? It is not an addiction. Really.

.mrsdurff said...

What grade? As I remember it is 3:00pm for me when it is 9:00am for you. Is that 'bout right? You only need a webcam + desktop mic. You have Skype. I have 3, 4, or 6 - which?