Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Describing School...

When the morning bell rang this morning, it signaled my end of duty at the preschool car circle. As I passed a student on her way to homeroom, I remarked, "Freedom!" She quickly retorted, "What do you mean? School is prison!"

I have been mulling over her assessment all day. I wonder how much like prisons are the schools of this nation? What common elements are seen in both prisons and in schools? Are there any important differences? Maybe you can help me out with these thoughts.
In thinking about those items one might list in a Venn diagram, both prisons and schools have unwilling inmates. I don't know of many prisoners who are willingly incarcerated. I really don't know of any learners who are either. Their ages are different. The bars are missing on our school, but not on many center-city schools.
One has a warden, the other a superintendent. One has guards, the other teachers, support staff, administrators. The hours are different thought. How about the inculcation?
Wes Fryer blogged about this in 2006, and probably elsewhere if I searched more diligently. There are probably others I am missing an I am sorry for not including you.
Society hopes to "re-educate" prisoners (I'm not saying it's an unworthy idea). Our culture hopes to educate economically viable citizenry (Again possibly a worthy idea). Does either population have a choice in the matter? Do they get to choose the inculcation or the method? Should they?
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Mr Lietze said...

Durff I wonder if she thinks home is a prison too?