Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The beat goes on...

The phenomenon continues! It's Elementary did a live webcast last night recapping a little bit of Educon2.0. The show is a half hour show. After streaming live conversation for over one hour, we finally stopped so our streamer could go home. Normally, everyone then leaves the chatroom as well. Most return to their regularly scheduled lives. I was thanking guests via Skypechat (and forgive me if I overlooked anyone) when someone said something that made me pause. So I went back into the chatroom and discovered 10 people in there actively interacting!
In amazement, I alerted the edtechtalk gurus, one of whom suggested we fire up a stream. So Lee Baber streamed and I hosted another Skype call and people just kept at it!
This is not normal people! This is out of the ordinary so something extraordinary must have occurred this weekend. I haven't had time to review, regurgitate, or reexamine anything that happened. I do know Educon was like nothing of which I have ever know, even the coffee was better! (Special thanks to those students MrChase had make more coffee on Saturday!)
Tonight is WOW2.0 webcasting live on edtechtalk following Making Connections. What will happen next?
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