Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Are you who you want to be?

Are we giving our K12 learners the tools and opportunities they need to become who they want to be? Will they have to supplement the education we provide in order to meet their goals?

It seems we should be teaching skills laid on the foundations of creativity, collaboration, & critical thinking. Our public schools in the USA seem to have their hands tied because of NCLB. With such a problematic situation, there must be an end result.

Could the solution be a mass exodus from the public school system so the system implodes? We could be apathetic enough to allow NCLB legislation. We could voice our taxpaying voices to our representatives. What occurs next in public education in this country is within our grasp. We have the choice.

NCLB assessment data measures well one type of intelligence. There are nine identified intelligences according to Harvard professor Howard Gardner. The tested Linguistic intelligence is no better than any other, although it is admittedly easier to test with multiple-choice questions on timed tests that are standardized nation-wide.

If we veer away from traditional, industrial, boxed-in education for our learners, we may increase intrinsic motivation. When creativity, collaboration, & critical thinking are emphasised, we are closing in on conceptual-age, 21st century, outside-the-box education. It is regrettable when learners report often learning more outside of school than inside school. What have we done? Are we really who we want to be?
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Louise Maine said...

What a world it would be if the best 21st century teachers had a place to go do what they know was best with minimal impedance! Oh, what the kids could learn.

Great post!