Friday, December 7, 2007

Are we inflexible?

A recent webcast advocated for a personal disengagement of educators from the conceptual age schools. The webcast was against moving education out of industrial age, 8-3, when-the-bell-rings, boxed in four walls type of schools. They supported the separation of the schoolhouse from the revered weekend.
I often IM or otherwise chat with fellow learners at my school. Learning, hence education, is 24/7. If students need me, they know how to find me, where to find me, and how to get my attention. I do not see a problem with this at all. I have used IM to tutor students about homework problems.
Just because the dismissal bell rings on Friday does not mean that I stop being who I am. I am who I am, and that am happens to be a learner who learns along with other learners. I am happy to help others as I can. whether it be 24/7 or not. I think there is a big difference between the social networking sites they mentioned and IMing or Skype. Once other learners realise that is mrsdurff, they go invisible (yeah, I'll show 'em how if they ask) or don't IM me. That is fine. But I am accessible. That is what is important.
The prevalent attitudes of industrial age education really need to change. I am surprised that such great minds would give voice to these attitudes that are so blatantly inflexible.
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SMeech said...

I have had discussions with a colleague recently who thinks it is crossing an ethical line by allowing our students so much access to us. What would you say to this colleague of mine?

.mrsdurff said...

I would say he is operating under an outdated model of education.

IMC Guy said...

I would agree that our idea of school being 8-3 or whatever needs to be thrown out the door. Learning takes place at times other than these. It's up to us to figure out what the kids need and try and provide it.

SMeech said...

While I agree that schools need to rethink scheduling, this isn't an easy plan to fix.

Unfortunately, school is a very large baby sitting service!

.mrsdurff said...

I so agree!