Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Only 14 days!

I received an early Christmas gift this afternoon! A very disinterested young man was challenged to create a video in twelve slides using Windows Movie Maker with my required three pieces of a story, a title page, a credits page, & music.
I was not prepared for the wildfire I ignited. He was so totally enraptured that he came during a study hall to work on it. He did twenty slides (as of 3:20pm), finished the title page and credits page, and was starting to explore transitions when the bell rang. He saved to his flash drive and bounced out of class. The look of happiness was my gift!
The importance of engaging our learners has been driven home once again! When learners enter our rooms are they meeting sages on stages, educators who can do know wrong? Are they being prompted to take the lead, to raise the bar, to reach for the stars?
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IMC Guy said...

That's great! I had a similar thrill when a couple of my third graders completed a podcast and video of a book review. I know their project will lead others to want to create something as well. They didn't tackle much of the tech component yet, but I hope to have them doing it so. Check it out on my blog.

Sue Waters said...

That is absolutely the best reward you can get when this happens -- I can just picture his look of happiness and excitement at his achievement.

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE