Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tagging to a new taxonomy

On Monday December 10, 2007 at 23:00GMT It's Elementary Show #11 will webcast a live, interactive show about tagging with guest Steve Hargadon. It's Elementary is webcast at edtechtalk. To join the show log-in to the chatroom (no password required) and listen on another tab by clicking on the black icon on the listen page. Your computer will open a player and start playing the stream for you. The show will center around tagging, what it is and why one should do it. The main tagging sites are del.icio.us, Diigo, and Technorati.
Dean Shareski wrote a great post about del.icio.us entitled "Del.icio.us as the precursor to Twitter" In it he describes how he subscribes to del.icio.us feeds of people in his circle of wisdom. This is an excellent way to exploit del.icio.us and RSS for use in your personal learning network!
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Anonymous said...

This seems like it will be an interesting show especially because it will be interactive.i am really interested in tagging and am really excited about this show.