Sunday, December 30, 2007

looking back...looking forward

The past year has been amazing! Foremost, I am here and if you could review the reasons I say that you would be as incredulous as I. Secondly, I have learned an incredible amount! Thirdly, I have shared an incredible amount of what I have learned. This seventh year of the twentyfirst century has been quite a year!
The first reason for an amazing year is simply for me that I am here. The short story is that I have a congenital brain disorder. The malformation in my brain bled in 2004. I just had an angiogram to see whether the main feeding artery is gone. Results have not yet been determined.
My learning, the second main development this year, is influenced by what I read in my aggregator, hear in podcast subscriptions, and discover from my learning network. I have learned how to webcast (thank you Webcastacademy),how to use an aggregator to manage RSS subscriptions, how to make a video, & how to use Twitter to access and grow my personal learning network.
In 2008, I look forward to working on courses for certification, attending conferences both virtually and f2f, & learning more about video editing. I haven't blogged while enjoying this holiday and hope to get back into it this week....
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Cathy Nelson said...

And don't forget your amazing presentation to a worl wide audience through the K12OL Conference. You were absolutely everywhere this year, and I stand in awe. Maybe as I amture as a web 2.0 user, I will be a little like you!

NJTechTeacher said...

I am so grateful that I got to know you online this year. You'll never know how welcoming you were to me when I first showed up in the chat room at WOW2. My prayers are with you for good results in your medical tests. I continue to enjoy our virtual interactions and look forward to one day meeting f2f.


Moturoa said...

Sometimes just being here is the biggest achievement.

There have been storms in 2007 and we look forward to calm waters in 2008.

Thank you for sharing your learning journey with the world.



IMC Guy said...

I can't wait to learn more from you and maybe you have you learn a little something from me. Good luck with with everything.