Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's in your network?

A Learning Community is composed of one's network. In my online network are Twitter followers and those I follow (191), several ning communities, blog members, bloggers I read and with whom I often exchange comments, Skype contacts, & webcasters at the worldbridges network. I'm sure I have unintentionally forgotten someone and I apologise.

The purpose of any community is to support its members. My learning community supports me, both online and offline. This is true for all our learners. They are supported in their endeavors by their communities, whether those communities include educational institutions, religious organizations, or online members.
Making learners aware of their learning communities is a metacognitive activity. One which I still need to review this year.

There are some great visualisation tools for seeing one's network. The people we touch are often greater in number than we realise. Our networks support us in learning, explaining, defining, and traveling through life. When danger is close our networks care. When we do well our networks applaud. When we suffer our networks cry.

Our learning communities support us in researching, expressing, creating, & knowing. That we can call upon the expertise of their collective knowledge at any moment is an important 21st century skill for all learners to practice.
What great gift we can give to all our learners! We can help them see their networks, connect with their networks, collaborate with their networks, expand their networks.
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Darren Draper said...

Excellent post, Durff. Community is what has made Web 2.0 so enjoyable for me.

Furthermore, I'm very happy that you're a part of it!


IMC Guy said...

I'm really looking forward to building my learning community. I have a small one at my school, but since I'm the only library media specialist, my needs and interests often vary from my friends at school. At this point, my network is pretty much my blogging community, but I hope to expand more with Twitter, which I have an account for but have no idea how to use it yet! I can't wait to learn and grow!