Friday, November 9, 2007

Quality Writing

Every learner has the ability to write. Writing skills can be improved and all learners can improve writing skills. In order to write well one must be able to think and every learner has the ability to augment their thinking. Metacognition is an important skill, one into which we delve.
Michael Covington says:
"Good writing is partly a matter of character."
It is this character that I seek to boost in middle school students. We spend a good deal of time on this character development via writing and revisit it often.
Learners were asked during the last class to write a quality blog post about how they are doing eight steps which build character. They are always asked to include tags and a hyperlink. I then twitted for comments from my network. My purpose is to engage these learners in conversation. Conversations about their writing, their skills and their content. This is the beauty of Web2.0 - we create content on the web and we review content on the web.
We are in process. We will think and write better by Spring. We will build strong characters by the end of this course. Doesn't look like it now, but it will happen. Does every year.

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