Monday, November 19, 2007


As many of you know, I am in Washington, DC at the ACSI Convention. I will be presenting tomorrow from this wiki Please feel free to offer me help! I am not positive anything will go my way, so if I at least have a laptop and projector I can present off my flash drive. If both computers can get to the internet, then there hopefully I can try Ustream on one and present with the other.
We will see. My priority is the participants in the room. I am not as proficient as the rest of the edublogsphere...
I was delighted to find this pearl in the RSS this morning and added it to my wiki! Check out Clay Burells's wiki on Digital Arts for Multiple Intelligences
If you see any broken links on my wiki, please hollar & scream at me so I fix it fast! Thank you, network!!
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Miguel said...

Lisa, you're awesome! I enjoyed your preso, esp the fact you're starting and ending with a prayer. . .that's my definition of an ideal teaching and learning environment. I hope you podcast this presentation.

I was a bit thrown off on the front page of your wiki (the frappr stuff wasn't immediately obvious to "add yourself"), but I loved the integration of Gabcast to collect comments on the preso. What a nifty idea!

Thanks for inspiring me!

Best wishes,
Miguel Guhlin

Miguel said...

A few remarks here:

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin