Saturday, November 24, 2007

Future Schools

I just had a conversation with three other educators about the future of schools. It occurs to me that we just demonstrated what learning could be in schools. An interested group got together via Skype (we were not even in the same city) and talked about something of importance to us. We certainly were able to develop our thoughts, cement our convictions, share the possibilities through a Web2.0 technology. I learned much by listening to the others and they certainly learned how radical I am.
Extend this scenario to schools. Vicki Davis already has. An interested group gathers online, led by a facilitator (our facilitator was Kevin of Driving Questions - thank you!), and discusses a topic that is interesting to them. Now I am writing about it and somehow I think they are too. This is thinking. This is a skill we want to foster in all learners.
I have felt rather dry lately. Thank you to those in the conversation for spurring me back to thinking. For anyone who cares to know, Carrie's viewing is tomorrow and funeral is on Monday. Please continue in prayer for her family and friends.


Kevin Honeycutt said...

I can't tell you what mixing my thinking with minds like yours means to mean. I agree that this collaborative approach is what learning is becoming and I like it. I hope you will join me again!

IMC Guy said...

I can only imagine the power the students would feel when participating in something like this. Beyond the "coolness" they would actually be engaged and sharing knowledge.