Saturday, November 24, 2007

For Miguel

just because you asked..this is what I did...I was unable to record in anyway, though I would have preferred to record the session via Ustream...
As participants entered, they heard music and saw my Frappr on the front screen - thank you to everyone who placed your mugs on my Frappr - you are a visual representation of my learning network. My entire presentation is done from this wiki
I started with a brother leading prayer, then introduced myself and gave a short testimony. For me that is a defining moment in my life, when my existence on this planet hung in the balance and my friends were told literally to say goodbye. Lucky for you (now don't feel lucky?) I'm still here to annoy all of you!
Then I showed Darren's Paying Attention video - again all these resources are on the wiki.
I talked about how integration augments skills needed for success in reading, writing, math, & science. I discussed why we should bother to integrate. I said we are no longer sages on stages and moved off the stage. We all did a Think-Pair-Share a la Durff.
I talked about Multiple Intelligences as a vehicle for technology integration. I provided several examples, available on the wiki, and moved off that stage again. We all formed groups of 4 to 6 and integrated technology into unit plans using Bloom's Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences.
I finished with Vicki Davis' Fear Factor video. I asked participants to create a podcast for me to share on the wiki, providing full instructions in the slide show. I have included two of those. I have also uploaded all the unit plans. While groups were working, I moved from group to group and gave them a green square if they were on task. Off-task groups got a red square. I was modeling what I do with K12 learners.
Well there you have it Miguel. What would I do differently? I would insist presenters and participants all have wireless access (gotta have that backchannel going). I would record via Ustream.
Did it go as well as I wanted? No. Could it have been better? Yes. That's the crux of it. Did I successfully ignite a conversation with participants? While they were in the room, yes. But when they left, that was it. Learning does not stop at the door of the classroom or the school, why do adults think it must stop at the door of the presentation? Are we all so inculcated into the industrial model that we can't break free? Where do we go from here?
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Miguel said...

Lisa, it sounds like you sowed some seeds...whether they bloom or not is up to you.

Thank you for sharing!

So, what's your testimony?