Monday, November 12, 2007

As Good As It Gets

Full transparency Folks! To all of those laudatory people here is a dose of reality - welcome to my world!
First, someone called me to test audio on skype and they couldn't hear me. Seems I forgot to unmute the computer's sound. I did this not once, but twice in the same day. Sixth grade was rolling...
Then someone called me to test my skype video. It was blurry. I thought it was dropped. Evidently (it is appropriate to start roaring with laughter at this point, I did), the webcam has a focus that is the white dial on the front. Who knew? John Maklary knew - thank you! He set me straight and I am so relieved. So to all those people who think I'm anything....sorry 'bout your luck! I obviously know less than the average bear - and I am still integrating Web2.0 technology. What's your excuse?
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John Maklary said...

Glad to help! That was kind of fun to see your delight. BTW, I cobbled together a wiki for peer reviewing. I liberally cherry picked stuff between yours and Kim's page. I'll give credit on the page. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.

.mrsdurff said...

you never need to give me credit

IMC Guy said...

I love your last question - What's Your Excuse?

I think I could give you plenty....but I won't. What I need to start doing is finding ways to make it work.

I used to teach 3rd grade, but now am an elementary library media specialist. I only have each class for an hour a week, which includes book check out. How can I start doing some of this stuff with only 30-45 minutes a week with each class?

Sometimes I wish I still had my own class so I had more time for Web2.0