Thursday, November 8, 2007

21st Century Literacies

More and more it appears that along with technical skill, learners will require a well-developed sense of ethics. Not only will learners rely upon the skills of communication, connection, and collaboration in the 21st century but their success will depend upon their ethical ability.
Those with a poor sense of ethics will center on success strategies of the 19th and 20th centuries. While these strategies were successful to people in those centuries, they are no longer useful to those in schools now.
So a dilemma is before me. How do I strengthen learners' ethical skills in the best way possible? I had learners responding to a post about ethics, after watching a video and reading short points from Straford Sherman (thank you coolcatteacher). Those who did the work worked quietly for 20 minutes, unheard of in middle school! That is certainly not enough.
I seek more suggestions about how to strengthen this most critical skill, especially in those that I am not reaching. Thank you to the three people who commented (you know who you are!)
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