Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Own the Learning

Chris Lehman and some learners at his school got together today to produce a Ustream. One of the big ideas they shared was that one owns the learning more when one produces a project than when one regurgitates on a test. This truth speaks volumes to all of us, especially since it is the learners themselves who are speaking.
The new tools are cool and fun. But the big payoff is whether using these new tools grabs the attention of disinterested learners. The same content needs to be conveyed via these new tools. Getting all learners, both adults and others, on board successfully using these new tools is the first big challenge. I make no secret that I do not have expertise in all these great new tools.
Many educators feel they are experts in their classrooms and are in charge of the learning that takes place there. I reminded a class today that they are in charge of their own learning. It is up to each one of them to do their work as unto the Lord. I had a young lady ask me how many sentences I required on the challenge with which I presented them. I answered her by replying that she was in charge of her learning, I was not. I merely facilitate the learning, I continually assess learning, I differentiate for learning, and I keep a tally (commonly called grades) of learning. I think she wanted me to be somebody I am not.
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