Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Games People Play...

This Friday my school has an early dismissal, presumably to allow teachers time to figure and record grades. I will play games.
Shocking, coming from an old Mennonite woman. I love to shock people, it's so much fun!
A bunch of middle school boys are gathering after early dismissal, signed permission slips in hand, in the computer lab to play with Flight Simulator and a multi-player football game.
Readers remember I read James Paul Gee this summer. Turns out 85% of games sold last year were rated 'E', 'E+10' or 'T', translating to 'Everyone', 'Everyone ages 10 & up' or 'Teen'. Statistics also show teen violence has dropped at the same time video games have become more popular.
I can observe how middle school boys learn by watching them play games Friday afternoon. Only one has played the multi-player games we will be using and none have played with the Flight Simulator, so there will be bunches to learn. I hope they all remember their joysticks!
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LifeLongLearner said...

I'm a Mennonite woman too! It is exciting to shock the teachers I work with at my Virginia schools also. Keep on thinking outside the box and making a difference in your students' lives. Happy Gaming!
May the joysticks roll...
Margo in VA