Sunday, September 16, 2007


Are you a WYSIWYG person? Are you hiding behind your reputation? Are you a real person that is authentic in every situation? The learners in your classrooms will quickly see through any facades that you attempt to put up - so why bother? They learn much by your example, even you don't believe they learn anything.
Lack of authenticity is internal. It is an attitude that reveals itself in external facades. Those facades could be status, diplomas, licenses, reputation, any number of things hidden behind. Facades are external, not who we are, & are threatening.
We cannot value status and reputation over authenticity. I certainly pray I never do. I am who I am - what you see (albeit virtually) is what you get. I call it like is. Sorry, that is who I am.
Thank you to Bill Wyand for these thoughts.
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Lisa Parisi said...

And those of us who know you are very grateful that are someone who "calls it like it is." Keep it up!