Sunday, September 23, 2007

wiziq !

Just enjoyed a free Elluminate meeting like application called wiziq set up by Jeff Utecht. Included in the meeting were (& I'm sure I'll miss someone) New Zealand, Australia, China, Thailand, USA - all impromptu and gathered via Jeff's twitter. That is the power of the twitterverse, as Jeff calls it. David Warlick, Will Richardson, Kim Cofino, Graham Wegner, Chrissy Hellyer, Allanah King, Jeff Utecht, Susan Sedro, & oh some others whose names escape me, where in the meeting. It was only announced via twitter and I only saw two tweets of his. Five continents collaborating via a new free tool. That is amazing as David pointed out.
The k12 applications for this tool seem to me to be far more than Flashmeeting, also a free meeting tool. That tool would seem to be best for college and beyond. Flashmeeting requests, but does not require a webcam. I think that alone will discourage those outside the echo chamber.
Wiziq can go either way and just now Jeff set up the meeting without webcams. I think that will make it more inclusive. The teacher can grab control of the audio and the whiteboard at the same time. That will be a good feature for safety conscious k12 educators. There is no interrupt audio button as in Flashmeeting, which makes wiziq more user friendly. Just ask Paul what happens during a conference when one pushes the broadcast button!
The potential of this tool is greater than my coffee deprived mind can fathom right now. Thank you again to all who participated!!
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Rachel Boyd said...

Hmmmm... there's certainly lots of possibilities for using wiziq....
So glad I was on twitter to join you for one of your plays.