Saturday, September 1, 2007

Who is your library?

Your library is immediate, deep, on-call 24/7, interactive, & full of knowledge. Your new library is every bit what a traditional library ever was - only better!
Your library is your network. Your library can include any Ning group, Twitter, Skype, IMs (I use Meebo) & databases. Now your library includes not only books and written materials, but podcasts, user-created wikis (have you seen those created by students in the Horizon Project?), photo sharing sites, RSS aggregators, videos & virtual worlds.
You used to go to the library for an afternoon of research. Now you can access your library from home at any time of the day or night.
The function of a public library seems to remain - to provide free information and distribute materials to patrons. What has changed is the method of query and delivery. Now instead of only Dewey or the Library of Congress systems, there are sites like & technorati. We can access peer reviewed materials at a moment's notice. Free college courses are available online anytime. I'm listening to a Harvard course right now (didn't say I comprehend all of it, just that I am listening).
So how large is your library?
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NJTechTeacher said...

Hi. I saw your post over at the TECS 390 Fall ning about starting a computer curriculum. I teach K-8 computers and have been building a curriculum. This is my sixth year at the school. Stop by at my blog blog and leave a comment if you're interested in talking. I have a link to my school computer page. I have a basic outline of what I do with each grade. It also has a link to my email. I enjoyed your recent comment (through ning, I think) and you were very welcoming at the podcast two weeks ago. Thanks.