Saturday, September 8, 2007

What's in your database?

Today I was privileged to be around for Vance Stevens presentation at EUROCALL 2007 which focused on "Mastering Multimedia: Teaching Languages Through Technology". His presentation was at 10:15GMT and this 6:15am for me and even Jose from CA was there (3:15am for him!)
We talked about the 'deep web' which many have covered better than I ever could. In brief, it is that information found online which is not picked up by searches done in Google or Yahoo or any myriad of search engines we all now use. The deep web content is found in databases. Our school has a paid subscription, which will expire this year, to ProQuest's SiRs Researcher and Discoverer. I believe some schools also use EBSCO, another paid database.
The lucky learners in the school district where my dad & step-mom lived get these databases Joyce Valenza works there!
A pre-internet equivalent would have been peer-reviewed journals. Remember searching through drawers of microfiche and those uncooperative readers? No more! Now it is available online. I continue to search for free databases to which I can redirect my school's learners when our SIRs subscription ends...
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Cathy Nelson said...

Lisa, I feel so blessed to be in my state (SC) where our virtual library offers free subscriptions to many databases to the citizens of our palmetto state. Discus is available to ANY SC citizen, even private schools and home-schoolers. I am sorry for your loss to your subscriptions. I do not know how I would be able to afford any if not for Discus. But do you know what? Our state library evaluation rubric marks us down if we do not subscribe to other databases above and beyond what our virtual library offers. So I still cannot afford more subscriptions. I'll never be up to par if my school has to pay for it.

Cathy Nelson

Kristin Hokanson said...

Saw your tweet...need more advance notice for 6:15 am on a Saturday..sorry I missed this one am JUST getting into deep web. Added your resource to my Connected Classroom Wiki.