Thursday, September 20, 2007


Learners labeled with difficulties in reading often listen and comprehend at higher levels than those at which they read. Reading text aloud has long been a way to get around those difficulties. Web 2.0 tools can assist by plugging in to those higher listening and comprehending levels. Marilyn Jager Adams is a proponent of such text based voice programs to augment reading literacies.
Web 2.0 includes more ideas. Podcasting, movie maker programs, Voicethreads, audio bubbleshares, & many more I have no doubt forgotten. Educators can use tools like these to tap into alternate intelligences. Recently named digital natives often are easier to engage using these tools. Supporting the use of these Web 2.0 tools would thus behoove all k12 educators as well as higher education educators.
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Kristin Hokanson said...

Mrs D--
You know that I have spent a log of time thinking about literacies...I created this image with quote from the recent ISTE L&L magazine and a picture I took at the Keystone Summit.