Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Learning never stops

We have never arrived, our studies are never sufficient, the learning never stops. Many colleagues act this way-as if they have arrived at a destination because they have obtained a degree and a job. But we are never really done-not if we are lifelong learners.
I learned yesterday things about videocameras that I am quite comfortable not knowing and will likely forget quickly. I needed the information, I sought it out, I knew where to look. These are research skills that educational leaders need to develop in learners. They are the lifelong learners of tomorrow. If they ever feel they have arrived then we have failed.
Learners who can identify missing information, who know where to look for that information, & evaluate the information they find will be more valuable to employers than those who are not lifelong learners. But more than on an economic level, those learners who fully develop the ability to think, or this habit of mind, will be effective citizens in a democracy, We have a democracy in this country founded by such thinkers.
As we celebrate Constitution Week, let us review our objectives and question whether our learners are developing effective habits of mind.
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Lisa Parisi said...

Thank you for making clear what should have been obvious to me. I am forever waiting to arrive at the destination, wondering why some do and I never seem to get there. Now I realize it's because each time I reach one destination, it's time to move on to the next. The journey is what its all about.