Saturday, September 29, 2007

Change of Command Ceremony

This morning, I was invited to attend a Change of Command Ceremony at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA, by my friend Teresa. Little did I know....
Teresa Gallagher is now a colonel in the Army National Guard. She is now the first woman in command of a brigade of this size. I learned this from my neighbor, who watched the ceremony on tv!
She is rated in four kinds of helicoptors. I just know she flies an Apache and the learners at SSVC think that is cool! She is now the Assistant Superintendent at SSVC. I just know she started as a Physics teacher. Her son and Chester are friends. Chester is my friend's son. It is a small world.
Teresa is a humble person. Her other son attends Georgia Tech. Today at the reception following her ceremony, she was the last one to eat. I wish I were more like my friend.
There is probably a connection here with the important skills to facilitate for 21st century learners. Instilling excellence while maintaining a humble attitude would be a possible focus. I am still thinking of how humble my friend is.....
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