Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cafeteria Education

Our middle schools and high schools in the United States offer a wide selection of course offerings to learners to meet graduation requirements. While this differs from school to school, one thing is constant. We offer several courses as if they were choices in a cafeteria. Is this the future we seek?
We have strayed from our purpose. While meeting individual needs is important, future schools are envisioned differently. In 1995, I studied future schools and found that a return to one room assignments was popular. This system allowed for differentiation through online courses, mini f2f courses in the school building, & independent study in the base room. Base room teachers were facilitators, advisors, cheerleaders, rather than industrial age teachers. Students worked on fulfilling contracts that they had devised. Real-world meet k12!
I wish we were there now. We have a long uphill journey before us here in the United States. One of the first priorities is bringing all educators into the echo chamber. Who did you bring this week?
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