Friday, September 14, 2007

Building Relationships - the web 2.0 way

This afternoon my 5th graders were blogging with New York. The 7th graders were blogging with Australia. Sixth graders got excited about blogging with New Zealand. We were building relationships through the use of technology.
This evening, I will be participating in a ladies group in Second Life. We will be building relationships through the use of technology. None of us will be in the same locale in real life, but we will be in the same room in Second Life. This is both totally incredible and yet totally normal for web 2.0 users.
The whole point of our increasingly wrinkled world is that as those wrinkles scrunch up further we touch more and more points. The world is not flat at all, but wrinkled. Where those wrinkles touch, there is opportunity for us to exploit the relationships with web 2.0 tools.
If the use of those tools gets kids as excited as I saw this afternoon, then I will gladly use them in my classrooms. We all need to remember that on the other side of every connection are real people with real feelings. Online safety and netiquette are imperatives that cannot be ignored.
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