Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thank you!

If you browse here regularly, thank you for your patience. We started school this week and I have been overwhelmed with glitches, most of which are not yet ironed out and await Monday morning for me...thank you for your understanding that my students are my priority right now. I miss thinking and writing, so maybe I can squeeze some in here this morning since I couldn't sleep in....
As librarian, I've been thinking to the future. What elements would I like to see in our school's library? Many are calling this 'Library 2.0'. I think a better title may be 'Media Center 2.0', since a library has just books and a media center is a hub of many kinds of media. I would like us to move toward these elements:

* User centered - the stakeholders participate in the creation of content and services they need at any given time. This is not static but dynamic as needs are continually changing and assessed.
* Hub of campus media - print books are not the only things found, and those collections are primarily for primary children, but many audio and/or video resources are available (and I do not refer to 8 track tapes or VHS tapes)
* Hub of social activity - like the famed Blogger's Cafe at NECC, the stakeholders (faculty, admin, parents, students) feel welcome to interact with each other both online and offline
* Collaboration Station - synchronous and asynchronous opportunities exist and are facilitated by librarians for collaborations on schoolwork or personal enrichment (remembering our primary purpose is to serve Him in all we do)

Movement seems very difficult as I face a reinforced wall of tradition everywhere I turn. Joyce Valenza
is doing excellent work in this area. I wish I had freedom to emulate her fully. For most of us, it will be baby steps...teaching library classes myself would be a healthy first step...sigh...maybe in four years....
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mstina said...

I love your idea of media center 2.0 and emulating the bloggers cafe. It's hard to share that vision with others who haven't been there. I've tried, but we understand! I can just imagine it! Don't be discouraged - all you need is a few enthusiastic supports, parents, teachers, administrators to help make your dream come true. I would suggest writing a 3-year plan (or something similar). Present it to your principal. Go for it! It doesn't hurt to try!