Saturday, August 18, 2007

Technorati tags...

I don't usually journey into this realm. There are many others who do it so well. But in perusing other blogs, some from people older in web2.0 terms than I, a lack is noticeable. That lack is tagging. Bloggers need to tag their work. Now I am certainly not any authority on this, that is Joyce's job. Why tag?
The number one reason is to be in the conversation, to be a conversant, you must be tagging your blogs. You will just not be taken seriously if you are not tagging.
What are these tags? They are just keywords. I use a handy generator created by David Warlick
The tag generator is available here. All my students become proficient in its use. Note that whenever a space is left, a separate tag is generated, so historical fact forms two separate tags whereas historical_fact forms one tag. If you are creating an entry, then the first tag should be what contains those ideas, whether podcast (which I am really bad about tagging), blog, video, or whatever.
Tagging increases your visibility and your authority. Authority rankings are assigned on technorati. They will increase as you tag & ping your posts.
By tagging, we all are entering the conversation, being counted in the collective intelligence, & making a library of information all at the same time. This growing library of collective knowledge is available through services like So have a heart, tag your work!
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Tracy Rosen said...

Good reminder - thanks!

I automatically place my posts into categories on my blog. When I first signed up for technorati I read somewhere (can't find it now, of course) that wordpress categories act as tags so my posts will show up in searches on technorati.

Though I like the fact that when I add technorati tags I can link directly to other blog posts with the same tags.

I've bookmarked the tag generator and intend on using it more consistently. I agree - it is important to add to the conversation.


Sue Waters said...

This is definitely a conversation I have to enter after Technorati mocking me for the past few days.

Firstly - If you want to ensure your blog is visible at Technorati you do need to join Technorati and claim your blog, then add tags against your blog at Technorati using all variations on terms used (e.g. m-learning, mobile learning and mlearning). By doing this people will be able to locate you if they do an advanced search of the blog directory.

Now with a basic search - technorati searches within your post for the terms. Yes technorati tags may make it more visible to technorati however will just as easily find the post provided you have used the search terms within the post (once again using all forms of the term).

Some bloggers are also suggestion that they are preferring Google Blog Search - which searches differently but does look for the term within the posts.


Lynne Crowe said...

Hi Lisa
I've come to your your post about tagging and went to the link for the blog post generator but I have no idea of how to use it. Can point me in the direction of a simple explanation of how to use it as at present I just put categories but don't tag my posts. I would like to teach my students how to start tagging as well.

Carla Arena said...

Dear Lisa,

Have you heard of the writingmatrix project Vance and other Webheads are experimenting with? It's all about tagging and connecting classrooms!


mstina said...

Thanks for posting this helpful tip. As a new blogger, I was wondering about the authority rankings, and even took the time to read about it on technorati, but still had some difficulty understanding. I started blogging after attending NECC07 and David Warlick's advanced blogging workshop where he did introduce us to tagging. I've used his tool ever since. I think I need to learn to be more creative on the words I choose. Again, thanks for the help!

Janetta said...

Using an underline between 2 words, of course. I've been using a + sign. Thanks.

Durff said...

No underline! That is generated by the tag generator-you don't underline anything.