Friday, August 3, 2007

Permanent Traces...

Many believe that anonymity is preserved online. Steve Dembo warns us that we leave footprints everywhere we trod online. Many persist in believing otherwise.
We need to remember that not only are the site URLs of the sites you visit permanently stored on your computer, but in this age of digital advertising, this information is often stored on someone else's computer. We need to remember that every word we type on a site is stored and transmitted.
RSS, which I call Really Serious Stressrelieve, is an amazing application. It enables me to grade student work efficiently. All the students I teach are required to have aggregators through Google Reader and RSS on their class blogs. Many have it on other work and ask me to subscribe. They also subscribe to webpages of other teachers so when homework is posted, they will see it. There no dogs to eat the homework!
Through RSS our footprints can be seen, like indents in the sandy beach. Anyone subscribing to a page where you have written, under any name on that page, will receive the feed in their aggregator under your name. So whatever we type is permanent and transparent. So why should we bother hiding? Seems to me to be a waste of time.
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Tina Steele said...

I have come to realize that your statement "whatever we type is permanent and transparent" is so very true. When I started my blog just a couple of months ago, I was afraid of what I said in my very first post.

I really like your idea about your students having their own aggregators. Do each of your classes at school have a blog? We are not there yet and I'm wondering how other schools are using blogs.

eve said...

I've tagged you on 8 random facts meme

E Scherr said...

Your words a food for thought. Something that we should also be sharing with our students. I have mixed feelings about it though, on the one hand I can't help but to feel that Big Brother is watching. That we are living Orwell's 1984. On the other hand it makes me feel a sense of community. I can now search for other like minded individuals.

Cathy Nelson said...

Hey Durff, I've been tagged by the 8 Random Things Meme. Visit my TechnoTuesday Blog to get the instructions because you have been tagged!

Cathy Nelson