Monday, August 13, 2007

Passionate Conversations

There is an interesting conversation going on as seen on Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach's blog and Paul Harrington's Blog. They raise the point that the "Something2.0" nomenclature is not inviting. What we are really suggesting is best practices in education using digital tools.
We are developing, and seeking to use in education, digital literacy. That is wonderful. Now let us apply those skills to what really matters. What augments education is passionate conversation. Such conversations began with some guy named Aristotle. Those passionate conversations have continued throughout history and herstory. Now there is a way to digitally join that conversation. We can extend these conversations relatively cheaply. This opens the door for the common man and woman to enter into conversation with us.
Those wrinkles are scrunching up and touching in more places. The collective knowledge is growing. I invite you, reader, to enter this conversation. Maybe we should call it Passion2.0?
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Alec Couros said...

When "it" doesn't need to be labeled and this social/digital pedagogy comes naturally to our educators ... that's when there has been a change.

Mr Harrington said...

Durff, Thank you very much for your contribution to the debate, as ever you make an excellent point succinctly - I have added some of your comments to my original post :)
(Ripples in the Pond - I feel a new blog title coming on!)

Durff said...

alec - Will that ever occur? Won't there always be some?
Paul - Bling! is a great blog title! Thanks for your encouragement.

Mr. Stevens said...


I feel that those of us who are passionate about "Something 2.0" need to push out those who do not embrace this new pedagogy. Unfortunately their will always be some that do not. But if we keep embracing, regardless of the nomenclature, and continue to be passionate about these tools, then those who fight it will either give in or get out.

A similar conversation on the nomenclature is occurring at Musings from the Academy. One commenter suggested "Jimmy".

I was at a coaching clinic for wrestling and a top level college coach was asked about new changes to international and collegiate rules. To paraphrase his response he said that coaches, and educators I feel, have two options when faced with changes. They can either adjust their style or retire. This , he said, is because the coaches do not have much input on the changing of the rules. We as educators must continue to promote the pedagogical change so that others feel they have no option to resist.

Great conversation.

Enjoy your day,

Kyle Stevens

Gabriela Sellart said...

Durff, I think we need labels cause we equal them to definitions. We assume (and sometimes even pretend) that if we use a label everybody knows what we are talking about.
I don't think it's time for labels. It's time for doing, doing passionately and discussing passionately. Names will come, full of content in due time.

This conversation reminded me of "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco, an Italian semiotician.
If you haven't read the novel, read the second entry to the trivia. I don't agree with the question at the end of the entry, though.