Saturday, August 18, 2007

Owning your writing

I don't think I in any way live up to this one. I do attempt to facilitate the "Ha! Uh? Hmm..." strategy of metacognition used by Kendra Hearn, 12th grade English teacher who is highlighted in session 9 of the Annenberg course on MI Theory. To review, Howard Gardner has put forth the theory about cognition that there is not one measurable intelligence in people, but there are at least nine (at last count).
Here they are:
When facilitating learners we need to present concepts via as many of these intelligences as possible. I was taught that learners don't internalise new concepts until they have heard them seven times. There are nine intelligences, so this should be doable.
Am I simply lecturing classes or am I facilitating the use of their intelligence? Everyone is smart, it is just up to me, the teacher, to present information via that intelligence as often as possible.
Regie Routman refers to successful learners as those who are self-motivated, self-directed, & self-evaluate. (Routman,2000) If I want my students to be successful learners, then I must find a way to augment these qualities. Remember the students whom I teach are all those things at home when playing video games. It's up to me to find a way to pave a way for that to happen at school too. A tall order, when most classes are only scheduled with me for 40 minutes 3X/week. But nothing worth achieving was ever easy.
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