Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Global Conversations

Christian Long comments on David Warlick's blog:

The moment we begin to re-focus our energies, expertise, and voices in helping people generate the compelling question on their own terms…the sooner we’ll see true global change.

He really summarizes the issue well. It is not the name, it is not the geeks, is not even the US Presidential debates. It is about facilitating others to enter the global conversation.
So if global change can be effected by assisting others to express their own voice then we need an action plan. What is it (I like lists) that we need to be doing, who will measure our effectiveness, and by when must it be done?
Must we be:
  • blogging
  • wiking
  • podcasting
  • webcasting
  • bookmarking
  • twittering
Must we be doing all to be effective or is one or a few okay? What items are missing from this list?
According to Wes Fryer, the need to engage, not enthrall, is imperative. He applies this to students, but it needs to be applied to all learners, regardless of age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other label I have forgotten here. Differentiation for all learners, not just those labeled students
As a wise proactive principal once remarked, who did you pull into the echo chamber this week? Technorati Tags:

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Christian Long said...

Wes is right. So is the "wise proactive principal" you quote.

Personally, I'm at the point where tools/tech are blessed each and every time they get mentioned at all. They have been sitting at the conversation table's head seat too long...

...and its time we return the nexus where it belongs:

* kids
* educators
* stakeholders who care about both

Cheers to you for the post, Durff!

Alec Couros said...

It just struck me that all of the activities you mention above are generic (e.g., blogging, wikiing, etc.), except for the twittering. I know this has been described as microblogging ... is this a term that has become really mainstream (well, as mainstream as a community like this could get)?

Durff said...

How are you defining generic? Is this a positive thing or a negative thing?

Mr Harrington said...

An interesting theory Lisa :) Is it better do to do one thing well or several things in an average way - as to do all of these to a high level would take all of your/my time :(
BTW got your comment re Flashmeeting and if we can find a good time slot I would be pleased to arrange another meeting :)