Sunday, August 26, 2007


A bunch of us had loads of fun on Saturday in a flashmeeting
It was streamed by Sharon Peters to Edtechtalk and had 15 people in at one point.
I thought a fun point came when Jakes entered and mentioned Will Richardson. I quickly went to Skype to egg him in and he entered. We were honored to have Will on vacation in our midst. There were some others among us who were first timers with Flashmeeting.
If we are going to get the word out about these great learning tools, we will have to take risks and pull people into the echo chamber.
I do wonder how many of us pulled someone new into that meeting? Sorry Will, you just don't fit the newbie profile...
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Lynne Crowe said...

Well done Durff, you pulled me in. Thanks

Jason Hando said...

Hi Lisa,

I concur re: a great meeting on the weekend (although it was Sunday for us down under-ites).

What is even more amazing for me than the meeting itself, with its video hookup for every participant, not just the presenter, was the after meeting replay available from the flashmeeting website. I ahve shown this to other educators, mainly in the distance education arena, and they are impressed with the granular approach to replay, whereby a student or teacher can jump directly to a spot in the recording based on who was talking in the timeline. The coloured squares in teh graph make it oh so easy and effective. Check it out anyone interested here.

Thanks to everyone who played a part!

mstina said...

My next step in learning is to try out skype and take part in this "flashmeeting." Durff, you may have to guide me along in this adventure. I feel like I'm missing out! I can't wait to learn! Tina