Monday, August 27, 2007

Affinity Groups

An affinity group seems best defined as a group characterized by community of interest. It contains people who through relationship have formed a community based upon common interests, history, culture or language. These groups can form around stamp collecting, raising young children, & vegetarianism.
In the edublogger world an affinity group has formed around those tech tools named web2.0 In our flashmeeting, more than one commented that as they travel the digital highway, they keep having conversations with the same people. These same people are part of our affinity group.
James Paul Gee states:
Our experiences in the world build patterns in our mind, and then the mind shapes our experience of the world, which in turn reshapes our mind. (p.93)
Belonging to any affinity group forms patterns in our minds and shapes our experience. This is what is happening with always meeting the same people.
If we wish to meet other people perhaps we need to invite them into our affinity group, allow them to explore our patterns, provide them with new experiences.
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