Friday, July 6, 2007

Student Voices

Karl Fisch
wrote about the need to include student voices in our conversation. I agreed, but mentioned the NECC time/date is problematic because families often go on vacation at this time. Families often do not value NECC like we educators do. Skype may be a better way, or any platform like that.
We need a solid template to follow so we are not falling into the familiar trap. A template that shines the spotlight on the kids and any adults move into the shadows. Scott McLeod commented on both Karl's blog and his own. I agree with both gentlemen. I'm just wondering what we can do about it, especially during vacation time. Maybe including video with those student opinions, though not as good, would work for vacation time conferences. For most conferences, in fact. I really think the videoconference is yet too problematic with privacy issues to work in the next few years. In 10 years, we may wonder what the fuss was all about over privacy. But right now, the majority are clinging to preserving their privacy and copyrights.....
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Scott McLeod said...

You lost me in the second half here. What privacy concerns do you have?

Sorry I'm so obtuse!

Darren Draper said...


I've got an idea about how we can obtain student voices (even in the Summer), but I'm not sure I can pull it off. Give me a little time to add some polish, but stay tuned.


Durff said...

You, Darren, can do it! I have students blogging even now. School let out 5/25.