Sunday, July 1, 2007

Purposeful conversation

Jose Rodriguez raises an interesting thought: what is the purpose of a conference. Is it merely dissemination of information, is it the crystallization of that which is known, or is it the creation of new abstractions by the collective community?
Our current conferences and workshops are indeed built around familiar patterns, often referred to as Web1.0. The purposes of such conferences and assemblies are to disseminate information and/or the crystallization of identified knowledge. But at NECC2007, the world and those present at NECC observed something else happening.
New abstractions by the collective community, both physically and virtually present. are continuing to form. New relationships, new collaborations, new conversations. David Warlick has listed the remarkable leap in blogging about NECC that has already occured. The Twittering Community is burgeoning. The difficult thoughts are being voiced, shared, debated.
So what is the purpose of a conference? I think it is about the food. But it is about the connections & conversations even more so. Let's not stop those conversations just because NECC is over. We need to continually challenge each other to bring more people into the conversation.
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