Sunday, July 22, 2007

Collaborative Conversations

If you view this
you will better understand the comment I left:

Do you realise what you and Allanah have done? You two have facilitated permanent connections for these students to global partners. Students in both classes will never forget these connections and each is permanently changed because of them. You two have impacted their futures, and thus the future.

That we could all see the vital importance in developing collaborative skills in ourselves and in our students!
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Mr Harrington said...

Thank you very much Durff for your wonderful words of encouragement, the project/journey that Allanah and I have been on over the past 9 months has certainly knocked down both of our classroom walls - we can now see each other clearly even though we are 11,000 miles apart - it has changed all of our lives I think.
The world is full of undiscovered friendships :)