Saturday, June 30, 2007

Influencing learning

In watching a video on learning theory, several things were emphasized. The emotions of a learner are important. If one is uncomfortable or stressed, less learning takes place. This notion was put forth, if I remember college correctly, by Kolb.
The culture of the society affects the way we learn. We need to change the culture and this is already happening. A paradigm shift is underway. Stepping away from traditional schooling paradigms towards secondary learning centres will better prepare our learners. The general schedule of primary schools should probably remain intact, although integration across the curriculum will include more learners in the learning.
Learning is a social activity and is more productive when learners learn from one another. This concept was so strongly pressed upon me in college and graduate school, that I really have no idea who first thought it up. Perhaps it was Plato, as a circle of learners gathered around him to learn from him. It certainly does sound like the now famous Bloggers Cafe, which has been reinvented in Second Life by Ryan Bretag and as a website by Jen Wagner. The social element is so crucial to our learning that we seek out those situations which nurture our need for relationship.
Detroit Public Television and Mort Crim Communications (Producers). (2002.). How People Learn: Introduction to Learning Theory [Video]. United States: Annenberg Media. Retrieved June 30, 2007 from Annenberg Media site.
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