Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Focused immersion

Digital immigrant that I am, I do not pretend to understand how connecting online can be more intense than connecting face to face. Somehow, that connection can be as meaningful or more meaningful for today's digital natives.
Today, I had the privilege of teaching a young lady the rudimentary skills necessary to create a podcast in Audacity. I emphasize that there are three parts to any show: intro, main content, and outtro. Because we only have one headset and no speakers, I did not hear her finished podcast until I got home. And then I got excited! This is only her second day podcasting. Yesterday was plagued with software and hardware issues. Today we used my laptop and Audacity.
When I reminded her that classes with whom she is blogging will hear her work that wasn't important. But when another faculty person (thank you Mr. Dobbs!) listened, she put it together and realised that kids in Australia, Wales, and California would have access to her work. Then her face lit up in a smile! It's that smile that rewards me!
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Doug Dobbs said...

Wonderful news to hear! I do not podcast, but do enjoy letting friends and family keep up with my home renovation project on my blog.

Perhaps someday I'll get as up to date as you and make a podcast there too. :)

Durff said...

You have one up on me - you speak well. There are now two students that can podcast for you!