Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do you have a learning community?

Does my school constitute a learning community? Well, it's a school, shouldn't it? It's not an automatic. Like everything in life, those things that are really worth it, take work.
A learning community contains a shared mission, a shared vision, shared values, and shared goals. I think as a community we all share the same values. Some of us may not know the school's mission, vision, or goals. I would hope that these will be clearly delineated in writing. I would hope that we all would align ourselves with our learning community to accomplish our mission by accomplishing our goals for each students by the time they graduate. I think our values and vision are less easy to pin down. They are more of who we are as an anabaptist community is the Four States Region. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.
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Kelly Christopherson said...

I've often wondered if, because we are a school, people believe we are a learning community just because we are. As we have been doing staffing and timetabling, I've seen interesting reactions to large and small changes in teaching assignment and, how some look at what they are doing as a right and to put them in a position to have to do something else creates problems because they don't have the inclination to learn. They don't see a change of what they teach as an opportunity but as a slight. They want to continue teaching what they have been for the past number of years because it means, to them, little work and easier to leave and not have much extra work to do to prepare. Some of the teachers are continuous learners while those I have described are teachers and are quickly running out of time to figure out their time is almost over.